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G&K handles your projects from start to finish. We have created numerous relationships with other machine shops and finishing shops to enable our customers the ability to have a one point of contact parts ordering system. With this system in place out customers receive a 100% complete to print part delivered directly to their door. This practice allows us to save our customers both time and money.

The Next Generation of Machining

G&K Machining has become very diverse with our machining capacity ranging from turning parts on 2 and 4 axis turning centers with live milling capabilities as small as .050″ diameter up to 14.0″ complete in one set up. Additionally we have the capacity to mill parts from very small up to as large as 38″ x 18″ x 14″ on our Horizontal and/or vertical machining centers with 4th axis and high production pallet changing capabilities.





Intersecting Ports

High Finishes


Close Tolerances

25 Years Of Precision Machining

Parts that we manufacture include ported bodies, inserts, valves, regulators, check valves, poppets, stems, retainers, retainer seals, caps, inlets, outlets, bellows bodies, nozzles, handle bar risers, gear boxes, flanges, pneumatic valves & housings, brackets, and gussets.

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G&K Machining is a creative, innovative and think outside the box company that strives to build life long relationships with our customers. Contact Us today to see how G&K Machining can help with your next manufacturing project.

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