G&K Machining Capabilities

G&K was founded and specializes in the machining of highly complex parts from various grades of strainless steel requiring tight tolerances and surface finishes. We have continued to grow our capabilities with attaining new machines, moving into a larger facility, and employing knowledgeable personnel

Quality and Inspection

G&K Machining was founded on the principal of Quality Parts and continues to excel in its quality processes. G&K goes above the standards with monthly machinist training workshops, daily documented production inspection sheets, and two full inspection rooms. Our Quality department continues to grow through formal education and internal process reviews.

Full Service Facility

G&K Machining has a full service facility to handle all of our customers needs. Our facility is always actively striving to build on its 5S practices with continuous projects reducing any downtime. Our major process have been streamlined to remove any wasted time by deligating ownership to our employees for each of our key areas

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G&K Machining is a creative, innovative and think outside the box company that strives to build life long relationships with our customers. Contact Us today to see how G&K Machining can help with your next manufacturing project.

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