About Us

G&K Machining was founded in 1997 by two career machinist with the idea of creating a machine shop that excelled in tight tolerances and finishes for the high purity semi-conductor industry. Their vision has continued to grow year after year through acquiring and growing relationships with customers. We are a creative, innovative and think outside the box company that is continually looking for better ways to serve our customers.

Our Mission

We, at G&K Machining, strive to provide 100% Quality and On Time Delivery by continually improving our processes and procedures, along with acquiring and maintaining the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Open communication with our Customers, Vendors and Team permits G&K to be Proactive instead of Reactive, allowing everyone to work to 100% of their capability. Implementing 5S is improving our organization and work flow systems to ensure tooling availability and other resources needed to complete jobs on time. Proper paperwork, daily logs and attention to detail, along with periodic training are some of our common practices. With our positive team attitude, we are thankful for all of the opportunities that have come our way.

Our Purpose

We hold a strong passion and respect for machining as a major contributor to world innovation through the parts we machine for our customers. We look at every customer’s part as if they are a work of art performed by the best craftsman in machining today. We will continue to acquire and develop the resources necessary to bring excellent machined parts to all of our customers into the future.

Our Team

We value each other as Team members and family. Together we are the company’s greatest asset. We have created the culture in which we all stand behind truly. A culture of Respect, Trust, Team Work, Determination, Excellence, Dependability, Family & Friends, Positive Attitude, Accuracy, Professionalism, Honesty, Loyalty. We are all part of a High Performance Team committed to service our customers.

Our Customers

We continually strive to supply our customers with the highest quality and delivery for the best value to ensure we are all profitable for strength and growth. We strive to transform G&K into a world-class organization and develop long term relationships with our customers and business partners, building value through all our actions.

Our Community & Environment

We practice and promote environmental stewardship. We plan for continual growth to provide more opportunity to residents of the community in the form of quality positions within G&K to allow every team member the opportunity for personal growth both internally and externally.

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G&K Machining is a creative, innovative and think outside the box company that strives to build life long relationships with our customers. Contact Us today to see how G&K Machining can help with your next manufacturing project.

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